About company

TECHNOLOG Co.Ltd. was founded in 1990. The company has research type.

Principal kinds of activity are:

  1. Production of bustyrane which is basic component of film photoresists.

  2. Production of film materials on lavsan layer for geodesy, cartography and precise drawing.

  3. Production of wetter for microelectronics SV-1017

  4. Execution of orders for turning out of the fine organic synthesis products and ordered reagents.

At present the company has the production potentialities for the perfume's matters

The company consider all offers to putting into production of the new complex organic compounds on its enterprise.

Earlier on we was developed the technology of macking of cyaninic dyes absorbed in range 800-1100nm. However, most these dyes are not dissolved in water practically, wich specializes the practical use of them (sensitization, active lasere medium and e.c.).
At present time we are worked up the synthesis of dyes with the good water solubility and we are found methods of changes of the dyes structure permitted to regulate both solubility and zone of absorption in range 800-1100 nm.
We look for organizations which are interested in getting the dyes samples and in developing this line and which could finance the continuation of this work.

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